Sunday, 22 January 2012

1940's Shoot

This is my 1940's inspired shoot with the lovely Tanith Mc Grath. I was going for a kind of rockabilly urban vibe, a bit of a different take on the classic 40's look, scrutinizing them now they kind of have a grungy feel to them, what do you think?
The shoot was a success but I always seem to have some disaster. Half way through the second look my camera decided to run out of battery, me being the professional that I am always remembers to charge the night before a shoot, it turns out the charger was broken. I managed to get a quick lend of another camera which was an absolute life saver.
I returned home to pick my faves and edit, I then realised there was a small tear in the main lead connecting to my mac and also it was bent due to a mirror falling off my wall on the the mac. I kind of freaked out and then made do with masking taping the lead to the computer, I don't know how safe it is and it keeps randomly shutting down.

This dress was a steal, I bought it from a charity with no intention of wearing it due to it being completely see through. However, Tanith rocked it and its in keeping with the rockabilly theme.

Photography and Styling: Me
Model: Tanith Mc Grath
Hair and Make-up: Louise kelly

A special thanks to Jaesin Yu for saving the day.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

1940's Style

This is some research I done on 1940's fashion for a styling a photography assignment. I'm loving the Burlesque and Rockabilly look beautifully portrayed by Amber Rose and then Elizabeth Taylor down below. Have my model, make-up artist and venue booked, I just need to get some accessories sorted for the outfit. 

                                          Amber Rose
                                                Dita Von Teese
                                           Elizabeth Taylor

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