Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Fashion Exchange Work placement in Tenerife

I have been neglecting my blog a little lately as I've been so busy with our end of year fashion show and also my work placement in Tenerife. Myself and a few girls from the Fashion Design and Fashion Industry Practice classes (my class) were chosen for the Leonardo De Vinci european scholarship program. Initially we had a rocky start as we were delayed 12 hours due to a passenger unfortunately having a heart attack on the plane consequently we had to do an emergency landing in Lanzarote. Whilst on the plane waiting to set off for Tenerife the cabin crew luckily realized the door of the plane was broken. Despite this I had an amazing time and got really close to the girls from the other fashion classes. We now have all these Tenerife 'in' jokes that no one understands.I was working in Mango's Los Christianos store in the south of the Island. I was doing visual merchandising, window displays and general retail advising. I met some lovely people in Mango; there was such a chilled and friendly atmosphere, they all made me feel very welcome despite the horrific communication barrier. I loved doing the window displays and I learned a lot about styling and the important of specific details. Here's a few snaps.Jess x
I got extremely addicted to Guacamole.

 Louise looking very cool with her menthol slims Hah :)

The gang at Mango.

Here is a sneak peak of the photo shoot I done with Ciara K Gallagher and Louise Kelly.

Jaesin's lovely new perm; how zen does she look :)

 Outfits post from our last night in Tenerife!!


  1. That sounded like a lot of fun, apart from the initial journey, that sounded hectic!

    joanne from

  2. It was a lot of fun, got a little burnt on my first weekend though x

  3. That looks so so cool!

    (Can't believe I havent already been following you! Am now though).


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