Thursday, 17 May 2012

Balayage/Ombre hair

I decided to go for a big change. I have been blonde since I was 14 and was a bit afraid to try anything new. I unfortunately decided to undergo this 'new me' in a rubbish hairdressers. She dyed my blonde hair an ash tone brown which consequently came out greeny grey. She left my extensions blonde and persuaded me that I could get this balayage look by just dying my natural hair. It looked pretty ridiculous because she had cut so much into my hair that it just looked like I was wearing really fake looking hair extensions. 
I went back a week later and complained (in a really nice way) about the colour (there was nothing I could of done about the cut). She kind of refused to fix it for me and insisted on charging me. She just fobbed me off and excused her shoddy hairdressing by saying that thats what colour it will be if she puts a brown in to it. 
Fortunately for me my friend Louise Kelly fixed it up. Louise is a make-up artist/stylist and all rounded talented girl.  You can find Louise
She chose a colour with a slight red pigment in order to tone out the blond. She also dyed my extensions and left the bottom blonde. I was really happy with the results...much more what I had in mind:)
Sorry about the silly posy photo's
Jess x


  1. It looks lovely now! Gosh I find hairdressers a bit scary at times, they always seem to do the opposite of what you want and ALWAYS cut more than you say! Glad you got it sorted though, who wants to wear a hat everyday?!

    joanne from

  2. I'm trying to find a hairdressers in Galway cause I wanna ombre my hair - that's how I found your blog! Where did you get yours done? Cause I don't wanna end up there

    1. I know I am actually really scared of going to a hair dressers again. I got it done in a hairdressers called SOA. It was recommended to me by a friend but I think the main woman had left to work somewhere else. I have heard that Barrys on shop street is very good. More recently a friend got her hair done in a place on Kerwans lane...they do a really good deal for balayage. I can't remember the name of the hairdressers but I will find out for you. What colour are you thinking of going...similar to mine above? Hope this helps Aishling.
      Jess x

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  4. To get the perfect sun-kissed highlights, you basically have two options: traditional foil highlights and the newer, edgier "balayage." Balayage refers to the process of sweeping color onto hair using a paddle. Balayage gives the colorist more freedom to place color where she/he chooses, unlike foils which can be much more precise.


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