Friday, 24 August 2012

Antique Thrift Shop Haul

On the way home from Galway I discovered this little gem of an antique/thrift shop. I had to brush off the dust and dirt to uncover anything but it was worth it. I love little places like that where everything has a story. I came across this old leather camera bag/box which was handy as I have been looking for one for ages. It was the perfect size for my film camera and it has a real authentic look about it. I also found a leather belt and pair of high waisted jeans that look pretty ridiculous on but I have high hopes for them; they are currently under construction. I'll show you later.
Jess x


  1. I always wanted to visit a thrift store, but we don't have any here. I've heard you can find so many good and cheap things. That a quite lovely bad you've found!

    1. Yeah you can, you can also find a lot of just crap. It so worth looking though. So happy with my little bag:) Jess x

    2. Lovely quality fittings on that nag, Jess.a great find. Well done x

    3. Thanks. I hope so. It looks like it will last. The tag say sit used to belong to a Doctor from California.

  2. Nice find Jesse, I got one similar second off the net for my files, laptop etc, love the look. Kx


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