Thursday, 16 August 2012

Photo Diary: Boomtown Antics

The legendary Tanya Stephens

The man made tornado

The police rave unit - a DJ booth and giant speakers

This was the most mind blowing stage at Boomtown and it was created by a group called Arcadia; they are involved in most large scale festivals in Europe. There is a DJ booth inside a giant spider that breaths fire and also had trapeze artists hanging from his claws at one point.

Here is a little photo diary of my week in the UK. Boomtown was an amazing festival and one that I would highly recommend; plus the weather was incredible. Things went slowly downhill when we tried to leave the festival. It took us four hours to make it to the nearest town that was only about 5miles away due to traffic. When we arrived we missed our bus to London and had to wait another two hours. Not to mention that I had my passport stolen so when I eventually arrived to London I spent the rest of the evening in the police station trying to get a letter of pardon in order to fly home to Ireland. We left London at 2am and almost missed out flight at 6am. They wouldn't let my friend on the plane because he had no form of I.D at all. In the end he had to buy another flight and wait for immigration to give him the go-ahead. I didn't have a phone to contact him so I just waited in arrivals for hours hoping he's walk through the door. The trials and tribulations eh. It was still all so worth it -hope you enjoy the snaps.
Jess x


  1. Looks absolutely incredible!!!
    Getting home sounds like an absolute nightmare though.

    Amazing photos!


    1. I know I have to apply for another passport today:s It was such a nightmare. I will try be more organised next time. x


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